My Marriage, My Burka. (via Small Town. Small Times.)

Beautiful post. I will have to revisit how it made me feel, but I can’t think with one hand.

My Marriage, My Burka. "Hey, your hair looks GREAT," he said. My faceĀ flashed hot asĀ I fumbledĀ for a response. "Um, thanks? It's ah, I er, wha…it does?" I saw fear in his eyes. "Didn't you just get it done?" he said. Suddenly my daughter and his daughter appeared behind me. We'd beenĀ standing in the doorway, waiting for his daughter to gather her things, and that's when I got it. When my daughter called to inviteĀ his daughter over, I made sure everyone knew I was run … Read More

via Small Town. Small Times.

Two hands instead of one

Oh my god, I am presently typing with two hands right now and man does it feel great! Let me explain. I have an 8 month old. For some of you I’m sure that that right there is explanation enough, for the rest of you I will expound.

My son is absolutely adorable, he is happy, friendly, intelligent and chubby. All good things. Since having him, however, I have spent the better part of the day with him in my arms–sleeping and awake (he has just recently started sleeping next to and not draped across me)–which means that I am developing wonderfully toned arms, a very strong bond with him, and the ability to type with one hand as he naps in my arms for an hour and half (don’t you dare put me down Mommy!).

While I can write quick emails, replies and blogs, for the most part, typing is just not what it used to be. I post my blogs in stolen moments, furtively hiding behind the coffee table as my son paws through his container of toys, or nervously as my son looks at me accusingly and cries while my husband tells me not to worry about it and whisks him away to some other part of the house (but the sound carries, it always carries).

This is why my blogs have been short and image-intensive (which my sister-in-law says she likes), but the truth is that I am long winded. I like to write and ponder and unravel things and I want to do that on here. So, here is to two handed blog entries!

Here are some pictures of the city I live in, and which I am a little obsessed with taking pictures of: Vancouver, BC. Ā I also have a thing for trains.

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Wow, I am finally figuring out how to do this! So rewarding! Here are some flower pictures. I know photographing flowers is cliche but I just can’t help myself. It is also difficult to talk about them without using hackneyed metaphors and similes so I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves ( I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it!).

I like taking pictures from the car as we drive. I think it is partly the randomness of what I capture that appeals to me, and the sense of capturing something that I could never find again.


I know the formatting sucks right now. It’s hard to figure all this out with a baby in my arms. It shall improve, promise:)