Ideas in Images








Here are some pictures of downtown Vancouver. There’ll be more coming, I just haven’t figured out how to post them easily, so it is very time consuming. Enjoy!

All I want is to lose myself in pictures, walk down black and white streets, find the old abandoned shops, the posters layered over each other, windows full of metal bars peering out like lost souls.


All I want is to get into my camera and find the faces of old buildings, the texture of brick and plaster, peeling paint, the cables of electric buses that criss-cross like arteries that make a mess of the sky cut the view to ribbons and to think without words for a while. I have too many words that run me ragged, have me chasing thoughts that go in circles. I want a rest from making sentences and phrases and similes and metaphors. I want respite from verbal expression. No more composition except in images.




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