Ghosts and Goblins….

…don’t seem far away with the weather turning cooler and  the rain setting in. Although the summer was brief and half-ass I have to say that autumn is the season that seems charged with the most excitement for me. Is it the anticipation of pumpkin pie ( my favorite dessert), the approach of Halloween (certainly a time that seems to awaken a primal, animal energy); or is it the sensation of everything settling deeper, those memories that are more sensual than anything surfacing: the feel of a mug full of hot chocolate almost too hot to hold, the smell of dark, wet earth as you walk through a forest turning gold and red(New England when I was 13), the first scent of snow on a cold morning (please let it snow this year!). And, of course, all of the great coats and boots that you reluctantly put away as summer approached because, lets face it, there is nothing sexier than a pair of killer boots:D

Sun flowers and pumpkin flowers to bide the summer farewell and welcome the fall.

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