Witching Moon

Okay, I’ve got Halloween on the brain and there isn’t a more beautiful or more primal symbol for Halloween than the moon. Can you blame me if I get the urge to dance naked beneath the moon or whip out the old broomstick and take a spin in my pointy black hat  in the evening air that still retains the warm charge of the last of the summer sun but with the slightest hint of cooler weather and rain as well (though of course I don’t. What would the husband say?!)?

Me and my full moon

Not that I am religious in any sense of the word, I am just your run-of-the-mill, good old Canadian agnostic; but if I were religious , I’d choose one in which I could dress up a lot.:)

Er...this is probably more like it.

Or this:)

These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago but I thought they were fitting. I am only just starting to experiment with night photography so it will improve. If any of you photographers have advice for a beginner I appreciate it. I muddle through on manual and love playing with the settings to find what I want.


2 comments on “Witching Moon

  1. Gigi says:

    The pictures of the moon are awesome!

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