Above all, Clouds.

If I were religious I might have broken out the verse, “The heavens declare the glory of god and the firmament showeth her handiwork. Day unto day utereth speech and night unto night showeth knowledge”(that one’s for you Mom). The King James version of the bible was the one I grew up with and was my first exposure to poetry (one of the things I am most passionate about). From the bible I moved on to Shakespeare (obviously), them fell in love with Leaves of Grass by Whitman and on from there. But there are still many verses from the bible that I was forced to memorize as a child standing in the corner for some offence or another ( usually foolishness and daydreaming. I still indulge in both.) that come to me in the same way that a commercial jingle or children’s song do. The difference, of course, is the context. Along with the scripture comes that sense of security (false as it turns out) and the value we were taught to attach to these words by our teachers and parents making them more weighty. Isn’t it amazing how seductive and comfortable the familiar is? I guess that’s why they say ignorance is bliss.

4 comments on “Above all, Clouds.

  1. Gigi says:

    Alais, those comments about religion were really naughty… I shall force you to memorize a whole Bible chapter next time I see you. And you better do it f-a-s-t! 😀
    P.S.: By the way, I love the pics.

  2. josie mara says:

    Dear Alais , This paragraph about clouds and Bible verses was definitely not for me . If you wish to mock God’s Word at least have enough respect not to mention my name . As for me , I have felt a sense of false security in almost everything this world has to offer but never in God’s promises .Yet I must say that this verse is probably the best and most inspired description of the beauty and glory of all heavenly displays [ not including man made stuff ] .
    The cloud photos are beautiful .

    • There was no offense meant, Mom. I thought you would appreciate the mention of a verse in relation to the pictures. That is all. I was not mocking the verse, as I said, dispite the fact that I am not a christian, I still find the verse beautiful. That was my point. The conflict between a fond memory from one’s childhood and one’s current beliefs or lack thereof.

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