Vancouver, the Cloudy City

This collection features some of my favorite subjects; trains, my kids, and random strangers. The trains are out of focuse, for the most part because we were driving. Does it work? I don’t know. One of these days I will prevail upon my husband to stop at this most inconvenient location and I will be able to take more time photographing the beautiful art on these trains.  And all those great, towering industrial buildings with their network of pipes that make me think of that movie San Francisco in which Robert de Niro is a rebel messing with the sewage. For some reason the pipes made quite an impression when I watched it ten years ago, but then I was smoking a lot of pot at the time;)

meeting Grandma at the Seabus

father and son?


2 comments on “Vancouver, the Cloudy City

  1. josie mara says:

    FABULOUS !!!!!! A photo journalist I tell you ! You and Gabe can work together on project [ that is , if he ever graduates ! ] but you’d be a dynamite team ! I’d like copies of Josie and me ! I just love those action photos !!!!!!!!

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