So, there’s this contest coming up which I am determined to enter, the only problem is that it calls for non-fiction. I have a hard time with non-fiction because writing started out as an escape for me. A place that I could go to get away from the things that I didn’t understand and that I didn’t feel I could fight. So, I wrote (terrible, terrible, poetry mostly). Writing is not as much of an escape anymore, now I can use it to work through ideas and questions that I have and to fix moments in time, or simply to take pleasure in words. Non-fiction remains difficult, however, because it means delving into reality in a very real way and then I get stuck.

Does anyone have ideas or exercises that might help me with this? I hate feeling limited and like there is an element of writing that is closed to me.

3 comments on “Non-Fiction…..sigh!

  1. Matt says:

    You answered it yourself in what you already do. Treat it as a way to more fully understand a question by addressing the context in your life from which perhaps the query began. Look at actual events or instances and by taking those real elements maybe a more fully comprehensive and honest answer will be found than by metaphorically exploring them through poetry or fiction. Or maybe not. Just throwing that idea out there. I have no personal insight in such a

  2. rumpydog says:

    When I write non-fiction, I stick to the facts. I find it easy. Just arrange the facts and use language that will make people want to read the facts.

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