Hospital Visit

My daughter was recently hospitalized, more out of caution than necessity (for which I thank our doctor as it is better to be safe than sorry), but ohmyfuckinggod was it ever stressful for me as my husband was away in Toronto and I had to drag Henry along with me (he was the best behaved baby the whole time and absolutely loved the hospital. What gadget/electronics oriented child wouldn’t?), but sleeping on a mattress on the floor of my daughter’s hospital room with him was less than restful.

So, what do I do when things are stressful? Tune them out, even just for brief snatches of time. Turn away for the space of a breath, from the anxiety of my child in a hospital bed to the window because although I know her illness isn’t serious the precariousness of my children’s safety is brought too close in the children’s ward where many others (the baby whose cry we heard through most of the night) will not recover so quickly, where many other parents struggle with the heartbreak of an inconsolable child who they are unable to protect .

4 comments on “Hospital Visit

  1. Gigi says:

    So happy Jojo is feeling (and looking) great and that the hospital stay was a fast (and not serious) one. Love you guys! P.S.: Don’t forget to text me the title of the book she wants 😉

  2. apocalypseicons says:

    Thank you for liking my blog! What a gorgeous baby! Hope your daughter is ok. My mother (who was a nightmare once my sisters and I reached puberty) was Canadian and I have many cousins in Ontario. Like the photos- somehow reminds me of Russia!

    • You’re welcome:) Thanks for visiting mine:D I found your icon paintings to be very interesting as well as the story behind them. I actually spent some time in Russia but wasn’t into taking pictMy brother’s family still live there.
      Mothers….a difficult subject for me too…..

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