This is what the word “magnificent” looks like

As Hen and I made our way into the Cove, not even the drop in temperature or the strong winds could dampen my spirits. We celebrated the much needed sun with breakfast at Honey’s ( then walked down to the pier being drawn out and out by the navy mountains with their dusting of snow and the long bank of clouds that lay draped over the evergreens, too lazy with the sun on its back to allow the strong winds to take it any further.

A little colour

…on this drab and rainy Tuesday. There is something decidedly unapologetic about the rain today, almost as if it’s saying, “You want sunshine? Well, screw you!”. Or maybe that’s just the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Speaking of which I think vacations should be covered by Health Care because right now I feel like sun and mojitos are imperative to my mental and physical well-being. Pretty sure that if I don’t feel the fine white sand of some Mexican (no abduction, rape or murder for me, thank you)¬†tropical beach and feel the sizzling beginnings of what will probably be a third degree sunburn on my pasty Canadian skin I might kill someone or die of drowning while attempting to sprint to Safeway for some dark mint chocolate in the torrential rains. Hey, if people can get nose jobs covered, why can’t my vacation be subsidized?! Just kidding, of course, I have no complaints about the Canadian health care system, quite grateful really. Just a little cold and wet over here! Doesn’t help that I happen to live in the rainiest part of the rainiest part of Canada. Sigh!

Faces in the trees

“Do you come here often? ” she asked. “No” he replied, embarrassed at the attention. Her voice was cool, though not in a distant way, it was cool like rain or a winter wind that makes you want to breathe deeply, to open your eyes wider and notice things. “Replenish” he thought, her voice made him feel replenished.