3 comments on “Sexism

  1. Christine says:

    I think its a great debate. Its such a grey area and not as black and white as I once saw it. My current opinion is that it really depends on the context. The concept of prostitution .. as in a man buying sex from a woman, may be sexist and in general the concept is degrading. Of course there are all sorts of nasty men who traffic financially dependant / desperate woman and enslave them etc, but what about women who choose to make a business out of it? They could choose to do something else, at least here in Europe, but they choose to sell sex… isnt that a woman taking charge of her own life.. isnt she the one with the control and power then? I think its only sexist if there is discrimination and abuse involved. If there is a respectful and fair transaction between both parties… its business isnt it?

    • Thanks for checking out my blog a writing such a thoughtful respons! you’re right, Christine, it can be a gray area and of course a woman or man has a right to be in that profession if they choose to. Here in Canada women are fighting to make prostitution a legal profession in order to afford women more safety and security and to give them more control so they don’t need to have a pimp which is usually an abusive relationship, and so they can operate in a better environment and have benefits. However I think the high rate of violence (at least in Canada) against prostitutes is a strong indication of the mysoginistic, sexist attitudes of customers toward women. It is a degrading and dehumanizing profession in which women are reduced to nothing more than a sexual object by themselves and their customers. Among those who choose to do this there is a high rate of sexual abuse in their past as well as substance abuse which makes me wonder how much choice they really have as when you are treated as though you have little value you often make self-destructive choices etc. I’m not saying there aren’t exceptions to all this, but I think as a general rule prostitution is sexist and degrading. IMO

  2. Christine says:

    Im with you on this. I also do not like the idea of prostitution and Im not fond of men who go this route myself.. I find them sort of pathetic at first thought… However, I do think that prostitution has seen so much horror due to the fact that as you say, its often illegal and therefore has to exist in the dark. Anything that exists in the dark is bound to get nasty and dirty… and this goes for anything; religion, politics, business, industry as in production, drugs, abortion, raising children, farming etc etc. The fact is that men need sex and there will always be a short supply of it in the world of courtship and dating…. there will always be a need for the transaction that prostitution is. So what if we changed our ideas of the concept in general? What if we just looked at it like going for an intimate massage where an integral body part was released of pressure and where we received paid for pleasure….from a professional who knows wtf they re doing (lol)? Damn.. as women, if we’re honest with ourselves.. we could use it too on one of those blue sundays…If there was no shame in it from the prospective customers or the public in general.. the entire industry would change too.. I think. In an ideal setting, the light would shine on it a bit more, there would be “clinics” in open and safe places, there would be regulations that protect both parties etc etc. Its like legalising drugs and offering it in a safe place for free to addicts. It takes the crime off the streets and its in the light so there is safety there because all those people who take advantage of the weakness within the damand… loose their power. I do think though that as you say women take an emotional and physical beating by selling their bodies again and again. On the other hand, being a corporate slave, or working in a factory, or defending psychos in court for a hefty lump of money… can also be really degrading and nasty.. so yeah.. its a grey area

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