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Writen by Alexandru

Staticity, the snapshot-where the photograph replicates death or at least a nanosecond of life is rarely captured in sculpture where, usually (except for the bronze tonnage of many a public artwork) the artist strives to capture the energy and movement. It is ironic therefore that this display of work could be the start of a non-movement movement owing more to the stillness of photography than the unbridled energy of say, Umberto Boccioni.

There is of course a direct link to one of the greatest works of art, that of DegasLa Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans (or Little Ballerina) but these are real people photographed to look like hyperrealist sculptures.

In a sense they are a healthy riposte to the human detritus portrayed by Duane Hanson but these are executive toys writ large that play host to the kitsch requirements of many…

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Heronswood Single Yellow Hellebores

I found these Heronswood Single Yellow Hellebores at the bottom of our garden (not that I knew what the name of these flowers was until I consulted the interweb gods. I figured I owed all of you a name for these lovely flowers since the others–which are irises btw–were nameless).

Although the purple flowers haven’t opened yet, I am going to say these are crocuses. They are growing all over the upper level of our garden but can be found in singles, couples and bunches all over the place now. It is such a pleasure to find these vibrant little flowers on our walks. I think it is these early blooms that I appreciate the most.

Experimental Shadows

I don’t know if these work. The first one is a “finger-painting” by my cat on the back door. They were taken one afternoon when I was desperate for photographic material and stuck in my backyard as my 1 year old toddled around looking for a retaining wall to fall off of.  It was one of those rare sunny days (and I mean really rare) full of soft shadows and gentle light and the shadows looked so delicate, but do they work? What do you think?

Vancouver Aquarium Part 2–Jellyfish Dance

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who has visited, liked and followed my blog. I am so excited to have been freshly pressed! Thank you WordPress!:) Here is some under-water art for you. It would be difficult to take a picture that doesn’t capture the grace and beauty of these creatures. Almost feels like cheating or found art. I think these are called Cubozoa.