Experimental Shadows

I don’t know if these work. The first one is a “finger-painting” by my cat on the back door. They were taken one afternoon when I was desperate for photographic material and stuck in my backyard as my 1 year old toddled around looking for a retaining wall to fall off of.  It was one of those rare sunny days (and I mean really rare) full of soft shadows and gentle light and the shadows looked so delicate, but do they work? What do you think?

4 comments on “Experimental Shadows

  1. This exciting oblique light happens at two times of year. I have lots of pictures called ‘light at an unexpected angle’. Some of the angles only seem to last for a few days. At the moment there is a point in the day where the light reaches all the way down the hall to the telephone. By next week it will be gone from there. Great photos. My favourite is the cat finger-painting one. Or maybe the one under it. xxx

  2. Maggie L R says:

    Great shadow photos, I love the shapes and lines

  3. josie mara says:

    I love these shadow photos ! Very enigmatic ! My favorites are photos : 1 and 6 , 1 being the best , in my opinion !!!! I ‘ll post some photos I took during my week in Oregon soon !

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