I’ll take the rugby player:)

Gabriel Catalano®

Writen by Alexandru

Staticity, the snapshot-where the photograph replicates death or at least a nanosecond of life is rarely captured in sculpture where, usually (except for the bronze tonnage of many a public artwork) the artist strives to capture the energy and movement. It is ironic therefore that this display of work could be the start of a non-movement movement owing more to the stillness of photography than the unbridled energy of say, Umberto Boccioni.

There is of course a direct link to one of the greatest works of art, that of DegasLa Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans (or Little Ballerina) but these are real people photographed to look like hyperrealist sculptures.

In a sense they are a healthy riposte to the human detritus portrayed by Duane Hanson but these are executive toys writ large that play host to the kitsch requirements of many…

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