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Who’s Got the Umbrella?

I’ve taken pictures of this sculpture before, but I have developed a bit of an obsession with it recently. I have to admit that there are very few public art sculptures around here that I appreciate. I’ll probably step on a few toes here, but there has to be an element of beauty or appeal (even if dark or menacing) in a work of art, and it seems that a lot of it ends up being big and ugly. But “Who’s got the umbrella?” by Greg Kawczynski ca/gregevakawczynski/gallery/greg___ceramics/1/greg___monster┬áis a sensitive sculpture, full of life and gentle humour. The woman is my favorite, with her full lips that seem to be on the point of laughter, but maybe I’ll put another post up with a few pictures of the man at a later date.

I love how the two people stare pensively at one another, that question hanging eternally between them.

A very interesting, thoughtful post. In Canada there are people trying to legalize prostitution with the object of giving prostitutes more autonomy, but does it? I’m not saying it shouldn’t be legalized, but legalizing it–as is pointed out in this article–doesn’t necessarily ensure a safer life or more control over it for the those in the industry.