Spring Showers

So, it’s been raining…again! Sigh! It hasn’t been cold but the muggy heat is sort of annoying because I keep looking outside and overdressing based on what it looks like and then being too hot when I go outside. And you know that humidity that often precedes a rainstorm? It’s like there is this build up which comes to a head with a wild rainstorm and the rainstorm is a release of all the atmospheric pressure (get your mind outta the gutter!), well the rain we’ve been getting is a lot more like putting on a damp pair of pants that are still a little warm from the dryer. No release of pressure, no wild rainstorm, no change in humidity, just a half-hearted attempt to increase it. Nice! Oh, Vancouver, why do you tease us so? Who do you raise our hopes of warmth and sun with two or three beautiful days and then dash them back into the constant, sleep-walking drizzle and tepid rain?