Under the on ramp to Hwy 1

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I love photography but I really have no idea what I’m doing …and I kind of like it that way. Photography for me is a source of constant discovery and experimentation. Unlike writing, there is no real inner critic when I take pictures. I can enjoy the thrill of taking pictures without the pressure to produce anything which is why it is one of my favorite stress relievers. These photos are a result of condensation getting caught between my lens and the macro filter. I kind of wish I had left it there longer. These were taken on my balcony. IMG_9841

IMG_9849 IMG_9848 IMG_9845
IMG_9842I took these with my +4 macro filter (I have a +1 and a +2 but the 4 is by far my favorite).

Frost 2

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The cold draws us out

of the warm skin of our house

points of colour

on the white landscape of the cow pasture


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