My family

I love the texture of the wall in this picture. I was furtively taking a picture of the people to the left while pretending to take a picture of my daughter to the right.

8 comments on “My family

  1. Gigi says:

    Love the b&w pics you take.

  2. josie mara says:

    Ohhhh , I find your blog by chance now and then ! I really like the B/W’s !!!!!

  3. josie mara says:

    Is this your blog or some new fandangled FB thing ??????

  4. found you via the freshly pressed link (Congrats to you!!) and got a big chuckle on the the comment above referencing the fandangled facebook thing! LOL .
    very nice blog all around!
    ps. your baby is too cute!!!

  5. fivereflections says:

    pleasant smiles

    David in Maine USA

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