Strange Birds

These slightly menacing little creatures are the result of playing with clay and paint with my ten-year-old daughter. They’re quite small but I really liked the way they turned out and would like to do more but on a larger scale but first I need to find some place that I can fire them at. I hope they capture your interest as much as they did mine.

I took these photos with my +4 macro filter on my 18-200 mm Canon rebel T1i. I love how the filter blurs the edges of the photos.
IMG_8915 IMG_8917 IMG_8925

Attack the Block movie review!!!!

First of all, thanks to those of you who have subscribed, liked and commented on my blog, It is a pleasure to share my thoughts and pictures with you. As a special treat for my readers I will now be reviewing movies🙂 My husband and I are avid movie watchers, tv not so much (except for the occasional Hoarders show because we both have a healthy appreciation for the strange and disturbing as you will see from some of our movie choices), and we’re not picky, just brutally critical. We love finding obscure gems (both in the good and bad sense) and I will now be sharing them with you. Yay! I’m going to do two today because you HAVE to watch the one we saw the other night.

 Attack the block immediately brings to mind childhood movies like Goonies and Monster Squad, only grittier and with a way cooler soundtrack. It takes place in London and follows a group of kids who live in one of those awful, towering apartment buildings known as “council houses” that seem to be breeding grounds for rampant criminal activity and the creation of a criminal subculture as they house what could be a small town in their fortress-like depths. But I digress. This criminal element of life in the council houses is not glossed over, though it is trivialized or lightened with humour a bit.



So, this group of kids whose identity is very much tied to “the block” as they call their building, discover an alien invasion and proceed to defend the block while contending with an angry drug dealer, and indignant middle-class white woman. Despite the fact that these kids have not grown up in the same relatively privilaged environment as Mikey or Sean, there is still the same sense of innocence, childish wonder, and vulnerability, and fearlessness (stupidity) that kids often possess in the face of danger. Totally worth watching. oops, the Henry is awake! I’ll review Orcs later….promise.