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Wild Flowers


Today the sun was out and the weather was so mild I was tempted to strip down to my t-shirt. There was a cacophony of birdsong to which my son added his excited chirps every time we crossed paths with anybody unfortunate enough to be walking their dog at the time.

With the exception of some crocuses, irises and a few other early bloomers, gardens here still have relatively few flowers, but as I walked through the forest I was enchanted by the lovely  salmonberry blossoms whose petals seemed so thin and delicate with the sun back-lighting them, the little daisies with their pink-tipped petals pushed forward like some stylish hipster’s hair and the bright yellow skunkcabbage flowers that I didn’t manage to capture to my satisfaction as I had to slog into the swampy forest with my 30 lb son strapped to my chest so the shot is a bit blurry and on the wrong setting.