Wind-up Toys

These were taken at the book store, of all places. We drove into Surrey reluctantly(on account of the tired baby in the back seat), after my daughter had her rock climbing party, to drop her off at Grandma’s for a sleepover. On the way we stopped at the book store and there were these beautiful little wind-up toys in a clear plastic, tiered display. There seemed to be just about any animal or vehicle you could imagine and they were mostly a lovely pearl finish which gave them a quaint retro feel. I couldn’t help myself, I had to photograph them. So, here is the first batch of toy pictures:) (Not counting the little robot love story I put up a couple days ago)

A little colour

…on this drab and rainy Tuesday. There is something decidedly unapologetic about the rain today, almost as if it’s saying, “You want sunshine? Well, screw you!”. Or maybe that’s just the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Speaking of which I think vacations should be covered by Health Care because right now I feel like sun and mojitos are imperative to my mental and physical well-being. Pretty sure that if I don’t feel the fine white sand of some Mexican (no abduction, rape or murder for me, thank you) tropical beach and feel the sizzling beginnings of what will probably be a third degree sunburn on my pasty Canadian skin I might kill someone or die of drowning while attempting to sprint to Safeway for some dark mint chocolate in the torrential rains. Hey, if people can get nose jobs covered, why can’t my vacation be subsidized?! Just kidding, of course, I have no complaints about the Canadian health care system, quite grateful really. Just a little cold and wet over here! Doesn’t help that I happen to live in the rainiest part of the rainiest part of Canada. Sigh!


I am looking at a flat gray sky at 2 0’clock in the afternoon as my son sleeps soundly in my lap, exhausted from his ridiculously early mornings all week. I am not a morning person, so that giant mug of coffee in my favorite, one-of-a-kind, hand-made green mug is my life-line:) But, apparently, there are a few advantages to waking up at stupid hours. This was what we saw as our son woke us with loving slaps in the face the other morning at 5:45.

Flying Ants

I took these a couple weeks ago on our way down to the beach. There is this garden that is always teeming with flowers that are allowed to grow exactly as they please. I don’t know who owns the garden but I have been tempted to knock on the door and offer them some of the pictures  I’ve taken of their wild garden as a sort of tribute and thank you for the pleasure of walking by it and having such beautiful subject matter.

On this particular occasion the garden was crawling with these flying ants. Fascinating and just a little creepy as they very quickly covered our legs if we stood too close. I guess the colony is on the move.


Ideas in Images








Here are some pictures of downtown Vancouver. There’ll be more coming, I just haven’t figured out how to post them easily, so it is very time consuming. Enjoy!

All I want is to lose myself in pictures, walk down black and white streets, find the old abandoned shops, the posters layered over each other, windows full of metal bars peering out like lost souls.


All I want is to get into my camera and find the faces of old buildings, the texture of brick and plaster, peeling paint, the cables of electric buses that criss-cross like arteries that make a mess of the sky cut the view to ribbons and to think without words for a while. I have too many words that run me ragged, have me chasing thoughts that go in circles. I want a rest from making sentences and phrases and similes and metaphors. I want respite from verbal expression. No more composition except in images.