Summer in Pemberton 2011

I took these last year, before I had a blog but I really love these pictures. They were taken at a friend’s wedding a couple weeks before we got married and the memory is suffused with so much excitement and love and such anticipation. I’ll put more wedding pics on here later on but I thought these were appropriate because this is the kind of weather we’ve been having here in Deep Cove, BC. It is such a relief to finally see some unrelentingly sunny days!

Early Images

I don’t know what kind of plant the first one is, it reminds me of a clove of garlic…in any case I found it fascinating to photograph. And, sadly, it brought to mind the turn of the season despite the fact that it is hotter in Vancouver right now than it has been most of the summer. But there is a certain beauty in these plants that have gone to seed, I think, and whatever the calendar says we’re still down at the beach every day after my daughter is back from school and the water is deliciously cool.