From Vancouver, BC to Boise, Idaho in pictures

My husband’s family tradition every Christmas is to go to Boise, where my mother-in-law‘s family live. We didn’t do this last year due to the fact that I was hugely prego and past my due date of Dec, 17th (he was ten days late), but this year we agreed to make the trek despite our misgivings about an 11 hour drive with a 1 year-old. Henry did surprisingly well and I annoyed everyone in the car snapping pictures of the breathtakingly desolate landscape as we drove through WashingtonOregon and Idaho. We were concerned about the weather as we had to drive through the mountains, but aside from some fog the weather was amazing.

I’ll be posting more pics from this trip. This first batch is the mountains in mist.

unfortunately, i had to take these through the dirty window so they have lots of marks on them:(

Flea Market

Ever since I was a child I have loved nick-nacks. There was always something so satisfying about collecting and arranging my collection into neat little displays. I think that is why the flea market has always had such an appeal to me, after all, what is it but booth after booth of collections of nick-nacks and trinkets arranged in pains-taking displays. One could look for hours and still find some new little trinket or detail in a single booth. I remember garagesaling in Oregon a number of years back and we came across this one house where a woman was selling stuff from a barn packed to the gills with junk (the good kind:). I asked to use her bathroom and found a masterpiece of nick-nack displays inside. Her house was a shrine to forgotten and discarded treasures fit together with such attention to detail and care, it was a miracle of clutter. I could have spent the rest of the afternoon walking around just looking at everything (and I realize that that sounds just a little bit creepy). So, here is my photo tribute to the beauty of junk.

Ah, Life!

So, I know I haven’t been very active on here for a couple of weeks. I apologize to those of you who check in regularly. The main inhibitor to spending more time blogging weighs about 25 lb., could easily fill the role of dictator of some small country (resembles a caucasian Kim Jong Il in Team America. Henry is a good dictator name, no? General Henry. Wait, how ’bout in Spanish? General Enrique!  Yes!), and has been using sleep deprivation to break his parents (the resemblance grows), is water torture next? Sigh! See the jowly resemblance? No? Hmmmm.
























Okay, how about the Brain from Pinky and the Brain?